💸Revenue Sharing

How does it work?

The Revenue Sharing (RevShare) is distributed in the native currency of each blockchain. You don't have to do a thing, it's directly airdropped to the wallet holding the HEDGE tokens.Please not that for HEDGE on Ethereum, RevShare are ditributed on the layer 2 network Arbitrum in order to reduce the gas cost for the project and for our community.

Conditions for being eligible

To be eligible for revenue sharing, you currently need to hold at least 1M $HEDGE tokens in your wallet. This amount will be lowered to 500K $HEDGE tokens in phase 2 (500+ $HEDGE holders) and to 250K $HEDGE tokens in phase 3 (2000+ $HEDGE holders). Kindly note that we will send the revenue sharing weekly in phase 2 and bi-weekly in phase 3 instead of daily. Our objective is to enable as many users as possible to participate in revenue sharing. Therefore, we will consistently reduce the eligibility requirements, making them less stringent and more accessible over time. Each blockchain has his own RevShare. It means that if you're eligible for RevShare on Ethereum, you'll get your share of the $ETH A.U.M. fees only. To get your share of the $SOL A.U.M. fees, you have to qualify for RevShare on HEDGE on Solana.

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