Our journey has been guided by our communityโ€™s invaluable feedback. One prevalent concern echoed by many was the accessibility of revenue sharing benefits, primarily perceived as exclusive to larger investors. We listened, and in response, Baby Hedge emerges as a solution to make RevShare opportunities accessible to a broader audience. Letโ€™s delve into the core of Baby Hedge, its tokenomics, and its seamless integration into the HEDGE ecosystem.

What makes #BabyHedge different ?

In response to the concerns voiced by our community, primarily centered around the perception that revenue sharing opportunities are tailored for larger investors, the concept of Baby Hedge was conceived. In the first phase, acquiring 1% of the token, which equates to several thousands of dollars on Ethereum, may still pose a considerable entry barrier for some community members. Even in the second phase, like on Solana, where 500,000 tokens are also valued, even if cheaper than on Ethereum, several thousands of dollars, the capital required remains substantial for many. Recognizing the need for a more inclusive approach, Baby Hedge introduces a simplified requirement โ€” holding just 10,000 #BabyHedge tokens to become eligible. This accessible threshold, likely to remain below $100 for a certain time, opens up revenue-sharing opportunities to a broader audience, ensuring that the core essence of our project โ€” the A.U.M. and revenue sharing โ€” is attainable for community members with varying capital sizes. Anticipating the potential surge in #BabyHedge prices, if the accessibility of 10,000 tokens becomes challenging for smaller investors in the future, our community members will have the advantage of having been aware of and able to invest in the project at its initial stages, securing their entry point for revenue sharing at the most affordable price.

Understanding the Tokenomics

The #BabyHedge token has a finite supply of 1 billion tokens on each blockchain. The 10%/10% buy and sell tax breaks down like this :

  • BabyHedge AUM: 65%

The majority share of the tax revenue, 65%, is dedicated to fueling the Baby Hedge AUM. This strategic allocation aligns with our projectโ€™s fundamental focus on the AUM and the subsequent revenue sharing it generates. In this venture, Baby Hedge will embrace a more adventurous approach by taking riskier liquidity positions, aiming for higher performance and, consequently, more substantial revenue sharing for our community. To understand fully how the AUM operates, please read our dedicated article. Baby Hedge becomes the degen play for community members seeking high performance, recognizing that this path comes with increased risk, a level of risk we carefully manage on HEDGE.

  • HEDGE AUM on the same blockchain: 25%

To uphold the interconnected nature of our ecosystem, 25% of the tax revenue will be directed toward the HEDGE AUM on the same blockchain. This ensures that the benefits also extend to our existing $HEDGE holders, contributing to the overall growth of our primary product. Importantly, this allocation is designed to include our OG Holders, even if they choose not to participate in Baby Hedge, fostering an inclusive environment and acknowledging the support of our early backers. Please note that since Baby Hedge is designed for smaller investors, launching it on the Ethereum mainnet would be impractical due to high gas fees. Instead, we have opted to introduce it on Ethereumโ€™s Layer 2, starting with Arbitrum. This strategic decision not only ensures cost-effective participation for our community but also has significant implications for HEDGE on the Ethereum mainnet. Indeed, the 25% of tax revenue generated by Baby Hedge on an Ethereum Layer 2, will be dedicated to funding HEDGE AUM on the Ethereum mainnet which will contribute substantially to our presence and growth on this blockchain. This approach means that each time we launch Baby Hedge on a Layer 2 solution, 25% of the revenue will be channeled to support the HEDGE AUM on the Ethereum mainnet. As we introduce Baby Hedge on various Layer 2 platforms, the cumulative effect will result in multiple streams of revenue flowing into the HEDGE AUM on Ethereum.

  • The AI-Managed AUM: 10%

The AI-Managed AUM is allocated 10% of the #BabyHedge tax revenue. This AUM leverages artificial intelligence to enhance asset management strategies through data-driven decision-making and real-time market analysis. The goal is to improve investment outcomes, reduce risk, and increase returns for the community by identifying optimal investment opportunities. This AI approach allows for dynamic adjustment in response to market conditions, aiming to sustainably grow the AUM and augment revenue sharing potential. The initial phase involves testing and optimization to ensure alignment with HedgeFi's objectives for growth and rewards distribution. Upon completion of the test phase, we plan to officially release the product in Q2 2024. Full details regarding the product will be provided at that time, ensuring transparency and clarity for our community.

Stealth Launch Information

Token Allocation Breakdown

The total supply of #BabyHedge is capped at 1,000,000,000 tokens, with 90% paired in the initial liquidity and subsequently burned. The remaining 10% were airdropped to $HEDGE holders.

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